Welcome!  If you have not yet registered on this website, please do so.  We will be exclusively using the website/email to communicate about neighborhood news and events.  Thank you, and please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns.
Neighborhood News
The Reserve Study and Alternate Funding Plan as mentioned in the 2015 Annual Meeting can be found by clicking on the links
Previous board meeting minutes can be found in Documents.
Please contact the City of Jenks at (918) 299-6311 if there is a dangerous intersection or hill because of icy road conditions.

New Residents
If you are new to our neighborhood and you have not yet been welcomed please email the Welcome Committee.  We want to welcome all new residents to the neighborhood and bring you some information about the HOA. If you're new to the neighborhood click here for some general information.
Are you building a fence or constructing an addition to your home?
Be sure and obtain approval from the Architectural Committee.
Pet Owners
Be sure to register your pet in the Pet Directory.  If your pet gets lost in the neighborhood it will help other residents find the owner.  We also have a Lost and Found directory.
Neighbor Alert Program
Click here to read the Neighbor Alert Program Report about how we are working to keep our neighborhood safe and how you can participate.

Back to School
For questions regarding your child's bus stop please visit the following website:
Power Outage / Street Light Out?

You can contact OG&E to report any power outages/problems as well as to report a street light that is out.  It's easy, just go here and complete the requested information.

Storm Shelter Owners

The City of Jenks has a Storm Shelter & Safe Room Registration form that can be filled out and returned to the City.  This just lets the City know that you have a shelter and where it's located in the event that it becomes covered in debris and can't easily be seen.

Upcoming Events
Halloween House Decorating Contest
Tuesday, October 1st to Thursday, October 31st
Just a friendly competition. Please decorate the outside of your house for Halloween. The winner will receive a trophy, a yard sign, and bragging rights for a year!
1st and 2nd Runner up will receive a small trophy as well. Final judging will take place on October 27th 2019.  
Halloween Parade
Sunday, October 27th, 6:30pm at Neighborhood Pool
A great start to Halloween week. This event will start at the neighborhood pool and end at Kennedy Park. All of the neighborhood children will get dressed in their costumes and march, bike, ride in wagons, or stroll to Kennedy Park showing off some amazing costumes and decorations. We hope those who don't have children, line the street and cheer on the parade of children passing. Please feel free to bring banners, flags, streamers, etc. The more orange and black the better! At the end of the parade there will be crafts, coloring pages, cookies, and juice boxes for all the little spooks. There will also be a photo booth available for pictures (so bring your cameras). The same evening the Judges will be making final decisions on the Halloween House decorating and handing out a trophy and yard signs for those who win. Lets get the neighborhood decorated! 
We also ask neighbors to help those in need by donating to the Jenks Community Food Bank. Tubs will be provided at the park where you can drop off any items. 
Pasta (Bagged or Boxed)
Rice (Bagged or Boxed)
Canned Meat (Tuna, Chicken)?
Soups (Broth, Cream, Tomato, Chicken Noodle)
Canned Tomatoes (Pasta Sauce, Stewed, Diced)
Peanut Butte
Canned Vegetables (Carrots, Peas, Mixed Vegetables --- NO Green Beans or Corn)

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Lost & Found
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