Pet Directory
The HOA gets a lot of questions regarding pets. While the HOA doesn't govern pets and pet owners, there are city ordinances that do. If you have a pet, be aware of the laws governing pet ownership in Jenks.  Please remember that your pet, while friendly and agreeable in your presence may become territorial and offensive in your absence. Please also remove pet litter from your yard or the yards of your neighbors when walking your pets. A yard with large amounts of waste is a danger to the health of your pet as well as a nuisance to neighbors. And direct urinating away from shrubs, where frequent urination can kill plants. And do not allow your animals; dogs, cats or other to roam unleashed. This is a violation of city ordinances.
If you have a complaint about a neighbor's pet, we ask that you contact the owner of the animal yourself with your request. If there is not a mutual solution to your problem, then we suggest you consider whether you have a legal complaint, as defined in the city ordinance, and if so, please contact the Jenks Police Department to file your complaint.
If you have an immediate emergency concerning either a vicious animal attack or a neglected or endangered pet, please call the proper authorities immediately.