• Who do I contact if I want to be involved in the HOA?
    If you are interested in volunteering for a commettee or being on the HOA board, please send an email to hoa@thewoodsrechoa.com .
  • How to I request an HOA Status or Closing Letter?
    Please click on the link for information on how to request.
  • Who do I contact if my pool code is not working?
    Please contact HOA Management.
  • Who do I contact about getting a new fence or addition approved?
    You must obtain approval from the Architectural Committee.  Information to do so can be found here.
  • Who can I report cars that are parked on the street for a long time to?
    This is a City Code violation.  For the quickest solution, contact the City of Jenks at (918) 299-5883.
  • What is an HOA Issue and What is a "Neighbor to Neighbor" issue?
    HOA issue:  When the neighborhood covenants are being broken, vandalism, general maintanance and well being of the neighborhood assets (pool, swing set etc...) then that is considered an HOA issue.
    Neighbor to Neighbor issue: When a neighbor is doing something you don't like, ie...parking infront of your mail box, not edging his/her back yard etc.. and you want to HOA to get involved.  Legally, the HOA cannot get involved with neighbor to neighbor issues.  If you have issues with your neighbor, please talk to your neighbor directly or call the police to help you resolve your issue.
  • Why is there always flooding on the walking trail between Woodlakes and Country Woods when it rains.
    That area is a "Drainage Easement" and will always flood during a rain storm.  After it rains, it will remain wet and soggy for around 72 hours. 
    When the neighborhood was first being developed, the developer, Wallace and Co. proposed a walking trail in that area, the city did not want to developer to put in a park or walkway in its current location as this is a drainage easement.   But Wallace and Co. stated that since it is dry so many months out of the year that the neighborhood would benefit by using this area during those times. The city agreed to let the developer put in a walkway and park there. This will always flood during rains, as it was designed to.
    Please do not allow children to play in the running water during rains and please refrain from using this area while still wet.